Home. Sick. Forth day in a row that I cannot work. I hate not working because of being sick. Coughing. Sleeping. Staring into space. Watching Queer Eye, one episode after the next. Dreaming of the Fab 5 bombarding my bedroom and making me over so that I can begin living my very best life. Sipping soup homemade by my husband. Missing him. Grateful I don’t have to hire a crew to make him over. Sipping tea. Coughing again. Again.

Then I see: A coyote. I have not seen one here since I was a little girl. I watch as he climbs the hill, then stops, holds a steady, silent standoff with a squirrel. Sharp stillness their dance.

I pull out my camera. I hit record. I wonder what happened next.

Tomorrow is Winter Solstice.

Two days from now, the last full moon of the year.

I used to be embarrassed if we went to a restaurant and ordered the same thing. I would let her decide what she wanted first and then I would choose something different. It took me until my early 20s to get over this quirk.

Nowadays when we leave the house both wearing polkadots and bright lips, I am overjoyed.